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AndreaBocelliTix.com FAQ's

These FAQ's are our attempt to provide you the customer with information about AndreaBocelliTix.com and our services. It was created in response to questions that are frequently raised by you the customer. If you do not find the information you are looking for here, please e-mail us at: customersupport@ticketspire.com orso we may address your question, problem or concern. We hope you find this information useful.

Q. Where do your tickets come from?

A. All of our tickets come from an exchange in which ticket brokers all over the country list their tickets for sale.

Q. Who processes the orders?

A. All ticket orders made on this site are processed by Ticketspire.com.

Q. How is the price of the tickets determined?

A. Ticket prices are based upon the current market value, which is influenced by supply and demand. This price is what customers are willing to pay for a ticket to a specific event. It may either be more or less than the price printed on the ticket.

Brokers usually pay over face value to obtain tickets. The better the seat and the more popular the event, the more a broker must pay.

Other factors influence the final price determination such as the actual cost of purchasing the ticket, how difficulty the ticket is to obtain and it and the established market value for seats in similar locations.

Therefore, we constantly update our ticket prices to accurately reflect the current market value.

Our prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Q. Do tickets ever sell for less than face value?

A. Yes. Sometimes ticket holders are "stuck" with tickets they cannot use. In order to recoup some of the costs, ticket holders are willing to sell the tickets for less than the price they paid and/or the face value of the tickets .

Q. Why are some people willing to pay so much for a ticket?

A. Again, supply and demand. There are only so many seats available for a given event. Our customers say that many times it goes beyond the price of admission - it's about the experience. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to live history in the making. It can be the unique experience of a lifetime.

Q. What if the tickets I ordered are no longer available?

A. If this occurs, we can generally offer you tickets in a similar seating location at a similar price. Many times we offer comparable or better seats at no additional charge. You are not obligated to take the tickets if they are not in the exact location that you order.

Q. When is my credit card charged?

A. Your credit card is not charged until we have confirmed that your tickets are available or you have agreed to tickets in a similar location.

Q. How long will it take before I receive my tickets?

A. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours or 1 business day. If the event is not scheduled for a few months and/or the tickets haven't been printed, your order will be shipped by a mutually agreed upon date. If you are buying E-Tickets and want them emailed, it will be done within 24 hours.

Q. What are TicketFast Tickets?

A. TicketFast tickets are the newest form of tickets issued by ticketmaster. These tickets are valid and 100% legitimate tickets. Each TicketFast ticket features a unique bar code that is scanned at the gate of the venue. Some Ticket Brokers also call TicketFast Tickets as E-tickets which is short for Electronic Tickets.

Q. How does Ticketfast work?

A. Your TicketFast tickets will be emailed to you by a Ticketspire ticket representative. Upon reception of the email, please print out the PDF attachment which is where your TicketFast tickets are located. Present your TicketFast ticket(s) at the gate where they will be scanned by the attendant and then you will be admitted. Note that some venues have a special TicketFast gate. Be sure to bring the entire 81/2 by 11" sheet with you to the event, do not cut off any portion of the ticket. Both barcodes are needed to be scanned at the entrance for admission to the event. Do not copy your tickets. The scanners will only allow one entry per unique bar coded ticket. Any additional scans of the same barcode will be denied admittance.

Q. How are tickets shipped?

A. Your tickets are usually sent via Federal Express. We cannot ship to Post Office Boxes unless other arrangements are made. Federal Express does require a signature on all packages. Once your order is complete, it will be processed the next business day.

Q. Will all of my tickets be seated together?

A. All tickets ordered within groups of 2 or 4 will be seated together unless specified in the notes section. We can also sell an even number of tickets (2, 4 or 6) out of any group.

Q. Why can't I buy a single ticket or an odd number of tickets?

A. We normally purchase and stock an even number of tickets because this is what most customers are looking for. We generally won't break up 4 tickets together to sell 3 or 2 tickets to sell 1. If you are looking for an odd number of seats and they are not available from our web site, call us at 866-206-5393 and we will try to assist you.

Q. Once I place an order can I cancel?

A. No. All sales are final. There are no cancellations or exchanges. You can only cancel your order if the specific tickets are no longer available and you do not want similar tickets. Once you have agreed to similar tickets, the transaction is processed and you can no longer cancel.

Q. What if my event is postponed?

A. If an event is postponed, the tickets will be honored for the rescheduled event date. New tickets will not need to be issued. We are not able to offer customers refunds on postponed events. It is the customer's responsibility to check with local media to know when an event has been rescheduled.

Q. What if my tickets are lost or stolen?

A. When you receive your tickets, keep them in a safe place. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. Please note that direct sunlight or heat can damage some tickets.

Still have questions or concerns? Contact Us
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